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Web FAQs

Answers to the most common questions we receive

  • Security threats, productivity loss, and compliance requirements drives businesses to adopt web filtering solutions. The web today is increasingly interactive and dynamic, mandating a solution that accurately filters websites, including blogs and social networks.

  • Web filtering is integrated into a service provider environment or a vendor device, such as a web security gateway. It consists of an engine and cloud-based detection services via the Cyren GlobalView Cloud.

  • URLs are allocated at least one of 64 categories, eight of which are security related. A URL may have up to five categories associated with it.

  • Cyren offers a local cached database that adjusts content according to the browsing habits of users served. This provides local categorization for over 99% of all queries.

    For the remainder a query sized

  • We offer a migration kit to make the move to Cyren easy. The migration kit maps our categorization to your existing scheme, so you continue with existing configuration and policies but benefit from our advanced solution.

  • Web filtering accurately categorizes embedded URLs, e.g. is categorized as “News” and “Translators”. We also correctly categorize archive and content delivery sites.

  • We use an integrated engine that provides URL categories on-demand. Whether the connection is HTTP, HTTPS, FTP or IP, the partner extracts the URL from the session and passes it to the engine for categorization.

  • Filtering can be embedded into devices and applications such as Web gateways, network devices, mobile devices, and desktop applications. The solution is for service providers such as SaaS and SecaaS providers, ISPs, Mobile operators and Web portals.

Anti-Malware FAQs

Answers to the most common questions we receive

  • We have been in this business since the very first days viruses appeared on micro-computers, now referred to as PCs. We have been processing virus samples since about 1988.

  • Award-winning, multi-layered detection – The SDK is based on a unified platform with multiple detection technologies for maximum protection. Zero-hour detection is ensured by the flexible architecture that enables fast reaction to new threat types. Cyren AV continually proves its superior detection in product evaluations. For this reason it has been selected by industry leaders, such as Google, Websense and Microsoft.

    Industry leading performance & scalability – The SDK excels at rapid object processing (particularly clean files which are the majority on most systems) and consumes very low resources. The Cyren engine has numerous proven deployments requiring less than half the servers compared to other solutions. This advantage is especially clear on sites where Cyren runs alongside a second AV engine. A complete evaluation of Cyren’s AV benefits from integration of the SDK into the OEM environment to illustrate this large resource saving.

    Maximum operational flexibility – The SDK is easily integrated as a standalone AV or with multiple engines. Additionally the tiny SDK footprint supports deployment on a wide range of platforms and environments. These advantages have convinced vendors such as McAfee to deploy Cyren alongside their own solutions. The flexibility of implementation has made Cyren the choice for a wide range of solutions, from the smallest network appliances and desktop clients to carrier-grade network clouds.

  • As far as naming is concerned we try to be as close as possible to the CARO naming convention. We may append the name of the heuristic detection mini-engine. Therefore the name could be CARO_name!generic or CARO_name!heuristic_mini-engine.
  • Most virus detections are handled by the SDK, which resides locally on the server or device. The SDK utilizes multiple engines to detect viruses based on heuristics, file signatures and other proprietary techniques. However, in some cases the SDK will query the cloud for final verification.
  • The AV API is similar to Common Object Model (COM). It consists of fewer than ten calls with a range of parameters for optimal flexibility.
  • The AV SDK can be integrated with any language that provides a C/C++ interface method, such as Python, Java, etc.
  • The AV SDK is very easy to integrate. Most partners take one to three days to integrate the SDK.
  • Yes. The SDK scans zip files by default and the level of depth can be specified, such as a zip within a zip, within a zip, etc. The default scan level is 5.
  • The scan engine will iterate and scan through all objects inside an archive.
  • The definition files are between 30 MB to about 50 MB
  • We never supply actual viruses for test. It is against the CARO (Computer AntiVirus Researcher’s Organization) rules. We can supply specific test samples that are not actual viruses but trigger our engine. The EICAR test file can also be downloaded from This can be used to test different functionalities in the SDK.

Email FAQs

Answers to the most common questions we receive

  • Anti-Spam is integrated into a service provider environment or a vendor device such as a Mail Gateway. It consists of an engine that resides in the partner product or environment and detection services via the GlobalView Cloud.

  • Due to its patented Recurrent Pattern Detection™ (RPD™) technology, Cyren Anti-Spam has a typical sustained detection rate of more than 99%, with virtually zero false-positives (approximately 1 in 1.5 million).

  • Cyren Anti-Spam uses our RPD technology, which differs from traditional filters. RPD extracts and analyzes relevant message patterns, classifying both distribution patterns and structure patterns, regardless of the content or language of the message.

  • Cyren RPD contains an intrinsic mechanism to match recurring patterns across similar messages. In the case of images, Cyren Anti-Spam is able to match images even with minute differences inserted by spammers.

  • Cyren offers a tool to report false negatives (FN) or false positive (FP) detections. A team of analysts reviews each FP and adjusts algorithms to avoid recurrences. An automated process analyzes FNs and adds these to RPD, to improve future queries.

  • We analyze billions of emails per day, enabling detection of new spam in seconds. Our “GlobalView Cloud delivers the information to partners the moment a new attack is detected. From the partner’s perspective, all this takes only a few seconds.